2021 Year In Review

The Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s (CCU) public policy think tank, has released its conservative “2021 Proposed Legislative Agenda” for the State of Colorado. Guided by its Strategic Priorities, the Institute’s proposal starkly contrasts the current status quo in Denver: overbearing government, the picking and choosing of economic winners and losers, and the rejection of parental rights. The Institute’s proposed agenda calls for state legislators to embrace tried and true principles to get Colorado back on the right track.

“The Centennial Institute has released a conservative legislative agenda that opens up the economy, restores election integrity, strengthens families, and protects the sanctity of life and religious freedom,” remarked Jeff Hunt, director of the Centennial Institute. “The way to a more prosperous Colorado is to embrace our state’s founding principles of limited government, free markets, and social conservative values.”

Centennial Frontline is a network of local conservative leaders and activists inspired to halt progressive policies harming our state. We are committed to taking action and advancing the principles of traditional family values, sanctity of life, compassion for the poor, Biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law, original intent of the Constitution, and Western civilization.