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Centennial Institute seeks to provide the intellectual tools you need to understand the most pressing issues facing our state and nation. 

Centennial Review

Centennial Review is the Institute’s monthly speech digest, mailed free of charge upon request to friends of faith, family, and freedom. In the years since our May 2009 debut issue, the featured authors have made up a who’s who of conservative thought leaders and opinion leaders.

Each month in Centennial Review, we publish essays on the fundamentals of a free and just society, adapted from speeches given by leading voices at our events or in the CCU community. 

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Policy Briefs

As Colorado Christian University’s think tank, we draw on the expertise of CCU Faculty, Centennial Institute Fellows, and other skilled policy analysts and experts to provide background and recommendations on current issues facing policymakers in Colorado and the nation. We do not take sides on candidates, but rather focus on nonpartisan policy recommendations to better our state and nation.  

Centennial Review
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