Dr. Yoram Hazony speaking at CCU

Events and Publications

The Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s think tank, is devoted to promoting faith, family, freedom, and future in our state and nation.

As part of this mission, we offer events and publications examining our society’s top issues. From our Issue Forum events to our monthly Centennial Review and policy briefs, we seek to be a voice for conservative values and propose fresh ideas to address the questions of our day.

1776 Scholars

1776 Scholars is a Centennial Institute program for CCU students who are passionate about cultivating their political knowledge and making a difference in their communities.

As a student-run organization, the 1776 Scholars develop the skills and experience to become informed conservative leaders through dynamic speakers, engaging events, and connections to government and nonprofit leaders.

The Centennial Institute is mentoring America’s next generation of leaders by fostering intellectual curiosity, a strong moral compass, and the energy to make a difference in our nation. Our graduates have gone on to serve in all levels of government and nonprofits.