2021 Colorado Legislative Scorecard

“God bless abortion.” “Parents are dangerous to children.” “Oil and gas need to be eliminated from Colorado.” These are all themes I’ve heard while testifying at the Colorado State Capitol. Worse than just hearing these phrases, many state legislators are happy to implement these beliefs into law.

Of the 508 laws passed during the 2021 Colorado legislative session, many reflected an anti-biblical, anti-Christian worldview. The legislature often takes a position opposed to Colorado Christian University’s strategic priorities. These include the support of traditional family values, sanctity of life, compassion for the poor, biblical view of human nature, limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law, original intent of the Constitution, and Western civilization.

While the Christian, conservative worldview faces challenges in our state, there are brave men and women at the Colorado Legislature who believe that laws reflecting the teachings of the Bible are best to lead our state forward. Each year, these legislators are bestowed with the Faith, Family, and Freedom Award from the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University because of their strong convictions.

2021 Faith, Family, and Freedom Award winners from the Colorado State Senate include John Cooke, Bob Gardner, Dennis Hisey, Chris Holbert, Barbara Kirkmeyer, Paul Lundeen, Bob Rankin, Ray Scott, Jerry Sonnenberg, and Rob Woodward.

2021 Faith, Family, and Freedom Award winners from the Colorado House of Representatives include Mark Baisley, Rod Bockenfeld, Mary Bradfield, Terri Carver, Marc Catlin, Tim Geitner, Ron Hanks, Richard Holtorf, Colin Larson, Stephanie Luck, Mike Lynch, Hugh McKean, Rod Pelton, Andres Pico, Kim Ransom, Janice Rich, Shane Sandridge, Matt Soper, Tonya Van Beber, Kevin Van Winkle, Perry Will, Dave Williams, and Dan Woog.

We thank the legislators listed above for their commitment to advancing faith, family, and freedom for all Coloradans.

Please consider supporting the work of the Centennial Institute in defending conservative principles at the Colorado State Capitol. No other organization in Colorado fights for biblical values and defends the breadth of issues as we do. Please visit centennial.ccu.edu today to make your donation.

For faith, family, and freedom,

Jeff Hunt

Director, Centennial Institute
Co-Chairman, Western Conservative Summit

Colorado Christian University is a 501(c)3 organization and as such cannot advocate for the election or defeat of any candidate for public office. The purpose of this scorecard is to recognize the votes of legislators on issues relevant to the mission of the Centennial Institute and the strategic priorities Colorado Christian University.

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