America, Critical Theory, and Social Crisis

Critical Theory has been dominating academia for the past few decades. It is un-Biblical and un-American. Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Centennial Institute Fellow, explores Critical Theory in our latest publication.

Dr. Douglas Groothuis

From Dr. Douglas Groothuis, “In a nutshell, critical theory traces all social injustice to inequities of power, which are unfairly based on class, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Everyone must get “woke” to this fact for progress to be made. If you disagree, it simply shows that you are an oppressor who is “whitesplaining” or “mansplaining” — that is, rationalizing your privilege. If a person of color, such as Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams, disavows or tries to refute critical theory, then he is supposedly not true to his race. Let us now look at the roots and fruits of Critical Theory.

Critical theory has several roots which grow in the same soil and reach for the same basic goal. In a nutshell, it is a form of cultural Marxism that seeks a radical transformation of society by uprooting present social authorities.”

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