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The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

By Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

Something has been going wrong on many college campuses in the last few years. Speakers are shouted down. Students and professors say they are walking on eggshells and are afraid to speak honestly. Rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide are rising—on campus as well as nationally. How did this happen?

First Amendment expert Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt show how the new problems on campus have their origins in three terrible ideas that have become increasingly woven into American childhood and education: What doesn’t kill you makes you weaker; always trust your feelings; and life is a battle between good people and evil people.

Cupcakes to Chemicals

By Julie Gunlock

Parents are bombarded with claims that the world is a dangerous place. This culture of alarmism is weaving its way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, making parents worry about common everyday products, food and healthy activities. In her book, Julie Gunlock shows how the food nannies, environmentalists, public health officials, politicians and government regulators benefit from keeping the American public scared. Alarmists understand that parents naturally worry about the health and well-being of their children and will do just about anything to keep their kids safe. By leveraging this natural anxiety, alarmists gain the trust of parents and convince them to perpetuate the myths of danger, change their own behavior, and demand government “protect” them and their children.

The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution: A Guide for Christians to Understand America’s Constitutional Crisis

By Jenna Ellis, Esq.

In The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution, Jenna Ellis makes a compelling case for the true roots of America’s Founding Documents in objective morality and how our system of government is founded upon the Christian worldview and God’s unchanging law, not a secular humanist worldview. She provides a unique perspective of the Founding Fathers as lawyers and how they understood the legitimate authority of biblical truth and appealed directly to God’s law for the foundation of America.

Backbone Colorado USA: Dispatches from the Divide

By John Andrews​

REDISCOVER AMERICA’S BACKBONE amid the upheavals of a new century, how can we live out our deepest values in caring communities on a human scale? Maybe we should start with the home truths that built a little mountain town called Backbone. In these timely essays on the great issues facing Americans today, John Andrews blends the lessons of long service on the political and cultural battlefield with the inspiration of a lifetime in the high country.