Personal Freedom

We believe that each person has free will, and should be able to make decisions about how they choose to live their lives without undue government interference. However, personal freedom must also be tempered by morality. Unlimited freedom leads to injustice and inequality, so it must be exercised in the context of the obedience we owe to God and the duty we owe to others.

Marijuana’s True Impact on Colorado

On October 6, 2017 Colorado Christian University hosted a symposium regarding Marijuana’s True Impact on Colorado. Law enforcement, health, business, youth, family, and public policy experts spokes about the various implications of legalizing marijuana in Colorado. Here are just some of the startling statistics:

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Terminate 4/20 Rallies Petition

Denver’s 4/20 rallies have become unsafe, flaunting blatant illegal activity, and trashing a national historic landmark, and with incidents of knife attacks and gunshots, the rally is a threat to attendees and the people of Denver.

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