Dr. Brian fidler

Dr. Brian Fidler

Assistant Professor of Counseling
School of Counseling

Dr. Brian Fidler is a full-time online faculty member in Colorado Christian University’s School of Counseling. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marital and Family Therapist in the state of Missouri, and a National Board-Certified Counselor. Fidler is also a Certified Emotionally-Focused Therapist. As a Christian counselor for the past 15 years, Fidler feels strongly about the mission to bring healing to the broken heart and restoration to the soul (Isaiah 61:1) through the work of professional counseling. As an educator, he is equally passionate about training the next generation of professional counselors to collaborate with the work of Christ in His restorative mission.

Fidler has worked in a ministry setting for several years, and in 2011 he became the founder and executive director of a private counseling practice. Together with his team, Fidler treats individuals, couples, and families, and is a recognized leader and provider of faith-based mental health services in the southwest Missouri community. He is a strong advocate of community involvement to bring hope and healing and has worked with local homeless shelters, ministries, churches, and colleges to bring lay counseling training to ministers and educators.

Key Interests, Knowledge, and Experience: 

  • Marriage and family
  • Mental health counseling/mental healthcare
  • Spiritual growth, development, and formation
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Natural disaster/community trauma healing & recovery
  • Community activism around mental health, especially in ministerial settings