Dr. Thomas Waller

Dr. Thomas Waller

Business Affiliate Faculty
School of Business and Technology

Dr. Thomas Waller is the Chief Business Development Officer for Eship Global, Inc. and the Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurs. He has been teaching with Colorado Christian University (CCU) since 2013 as an Affiliate Faculty of Business and Leadership courses in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies, School of Business and Technology, and the College of Undergraduate Studies, School of Business and Leadership.

With 40 years of cumulative business experience in multiple sectors of the economy and in the public sector, Waller is a progressive critical thinking educator teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, organizational leadership, business research, organizational change management, and organizational behavior and change Management. In 2018, he was appointed to the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Business, Technology, and Leadership, Business and Technology Division, College of Adult and Graduate Studies, at CCU.

An entrepreneur most of his professional life, Waller has started, funded, lead and managed multiple small business ventures; served on the board of directors of for-profit businesses, non-profit entities, and ministries; served as CEO, CFO, and COO in senior leadership management roles in sales, marketing, business development, venture capital, finance, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, real estate development, financial services, and; a business development consultant for many small businesses.

Waller has spoken as a presenter in over 4,000 public speaking engagements in his business, education, and public service careers. He has raised over $600 million in venture and syndication capital for small businesses and venture investments. He has recently completed research on a  published work entitled: 7 Strata of Intrapreneurial Organizations: Self-Disrupt and Innovate Faster Than Customers or Competition.