July 1-3, 2016 - This Land We Love

The 2016 Western Conservative Summit was one of the largest Summits to date, hosting 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The Summit sought to demonstrate everything that makes America a nation worthy of patriotic pride.

Speakers Included: Presidential Candidate Donald Trump; Governor Sarah Palin; Senator Ben Sasse; Jenny Beth Martin; Eric Metaxas; Hugh Hewitt; Ryan T. Anderson; Brittany Corona; Charlie Kirk; Kimberly Corban; Lila Rose; David Keene; Senator Tom Cotton; Mary Kissel; Stephen Moore; Andy Puzder; Dennis Prager; Carly Fiorina; Phil Robertson; Ben Shapiro; Star Parker; John MacArthur; Jeff Myers; Warren Cole Smith

Vice Presidential Straw Poll Winner: Newt Gingrich

William L. Armstrong Award Winner: Dennis Prager, Talk Show Host

Under-30 Speech Contest: Ellen Densmore