July 18-20, 2014 - America at its Best

During the fifth annual Western Conservative Summit, the event outgrew the Hyatt Regency in Denver and moved to its more permanent location in the Colorado Convention Center. This Summit sought to encourage and empower attendees to pursue ideas that ensure America’s best days are ahead of us.

Speakers Included: Governor Bobby Jindal; Senator Mike Lee; Dr. Ben Carson; Senator Tim Scott; Ralph Reed; Guy Benson; Mary Katherine Ham; Katie Pavlich; James Golden; KT McFarland; Hugh Hewitt; Jenny Beth Martin; Governor Sarah Palin; Betsy McCaughey; Bob Woodson; Buster Soaries; Linda Chavez; Tammy Bruce; Elbert Guillory; Jim DeMint; Senator Ted Cruz; Michele Bachmann; Daniel Hannan; Nick Adams; Charlie Kirk; Warren Smith; Ashley Pratte; Ben Shapiro; Lt. Col. Allen West; Frank Gaffney; Dennis Prager

Presidential Straw Poll Winner: Dr. Ben Carson