July 26-28, 2013 - Freedom’s New Day

Despite growing government control, the 2013 Western Conservative Summit gave hope to attendees by demonstrating how freedom would prevail into a new day.

Speakers Included: Governor Scott Walker; Mia Love; KT McFarland; Guy Benson; Mary Katherine Ham; Michael Barone; Victor Davis Hanson; Senator Ted Cruz; Charles Murray; Dick Morris; Ben Howe; Francesca Chambers; Charlie Kirk; Jesse Blumenthal; Peter Wood; Brittany Corona; Dr. Chris Leland; James Geddes; Mike Huckabee; Jonah Goldberg; David Garibaldi; Lee Strobel; Kellyanne Conway; Brent Bozell; James Golden; Jenny Beth Martin; Bill Whittle; Lt. Col. Allen West; Frank Gaffney; Shawn Welcome

Presidential Straw Poll Winner: Senator Ted Cruz